First Give Competitiion

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Thanks go to Y8 pupils at Carshalton Boys Sports College for all their hard work, imagination and inspiration as they participated in the First Give Competition to raise funds for Sutton Vision as part of their Citizenship Project.  Jacqui attended an evening at the school where all the pupils presented their projects to a team of judges.  Unfortunately Sutton Vision haven't been awarded the prize but we would like to congratulate Jacob, Adam, Joshua, Ciaran, Harrison, Blake, Aaron, Ben and Lewis from 8R for their hard work.  Their teacher said how proud she is of the boys, their passion and determination to challenge themselves shone through.  We would like to share with you the poem the boys wrote:

Once I saw the sun beating above the sea

Once I saw a bug flying like a bee

Once I read a book but now the book reads to me

Now I only feel the motion of the waves from the ocean

Now I only hear the buzz from the bug like bee

Now I only hear the voice from the book that reads to me

I'm blind and I can no longer see

But Sutton Vision was there for me.