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London Borough of Sutton Reading Group

The next reading group for VI people will be held at Sutton Library, St Nicholas Way, Sutton, on Friday 21st December.  The group meet at 10.30 a.m., you are welcome to join them.  For more details please contact Colin Todd via e-mail




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Instagram for VI Users

The social networking giant, Instagram, announced the rollout of a series of new features that are intended to make it easier for those with a visual impairment use Instagram.  The tools will enable them to hear a description of the photos uploaded to the network.  It will be available for photos across the user's Instagram feed, as well as their own profile.

For more information go to


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Vital Tech

Vital Tech will be especially useful for you if you are blind or partially sighted.  The information and guidance provided should also serve as a helpful resource for wider support networks of family, friends and professionals.  Vital Tech is for everyone whether you are new to tech or highly experienced. 

Vital Tech has been developed by charities in the sight loss sector.  For more information please visit the website




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Art & Craft Group

Today we started our new Art & Craft Group.  Christmas card making is today's plan!  If you would like to know more about the group please contact Amanda on 020 8409 7166 or e-mail



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Charles Bonnet Syndrome

Esme's Umbrella is the Campaign Group for everyone working towards a greater awareness of Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS).

The condition causes sufferers to see images which are not real.  These 'visual hallucinations' are caused by loss of sight - but not everyone with low vision develops the condition.

For those who do, CBS can be frightening and debilitating - not least because it may be confused mistakenly with the onset of dementia.  For this reason too many people suffer in silence.

The aims of Esme's Umbrella are:

To raise awareness and understanding of CBS among medical practitioners of all specialities

To give information about CBS itself and offer comfort, reassurance and practical advise to those who have developed the condition

To host results of an on-going research and share new medical discoveries

For more information go to

The image below is an indication of what some people with CBS may experience.