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Gordon Turner Optometrists

We would like to thank the staff and customers at Gordon Turner in Cheam for collecting £410.00 for Sutton Vision.  We greatly appreciate all donations which  allow us to continue offering our services.





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Happy Christmas


Sutton Vision will be closed from

Thursday 20th December until Wednesday 2nd January at 9.00 a.m.

Meantime we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Christmas Music and Singing Group

Christmas music enjoyed at today's group followed by lunch and our first singing group session.  If you would like to join us for any of our groups in the future please contact us on 020 8409 7166 or


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Moorfields Eye Hospital

Oriel - Have Your Say!

What is Oriel - Oriel is our proposal to move all services at Moorfields Eye Hospital on City Road to a brand new purpose built facility in St Pancras.

We want to understand what is important to you as a patient at Moorfields on City Road and what could be improved in a new facility.  To achieve this we are running three on-line surveys focusing on different areas of your patient experience.  The surveys should take between five and ten minutes each to complete and can be accessed at the links below.

Travel and arrivals - we want to hear your feedback about your journey to Moorfields City Road and how accessible you find our main entrance. Please visit

Waiting and care - we want to hear your feedback about your waiting experience and the care you receive at Moorfields City Road.  Please visit

Your priorities - We want to learn about your priorities as a patient at Moorfields City Road. Please visit

If you have any problems accessing the surveys or would like more information about the proposal please contact the Oriel team at

Moorfields direct telephone helpline 020 7566 2345

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RNIB Access to Work Workshops - 14th January

The Access to Work digital team are working on an online renewals process which would mean customers receive a prompt that an Element grant is due to expire, with a link for them to kick-start the renewals process online.

They will be testing this thoroughly in the new year with Access to Work (ATW) customers as they approach Element expiry, but in the meantime ATW want to try and speak to customers to understand more about their experience of how grants are processed and their perceptions of introducing a renewals process.

Thomas Pocklington Trust and RNIB are holding a joint workshop at 105 Judd Street, London WC1H 9NE, on 14th January with the Access to Work researchers.  If anybody is happy to come along and share their experiences, please get in touch with me, Nina Huszarik, Policy Officer, Thomas Pocklington Trust or telephone 07811 413481