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Tech Talk Amazon ECHO and Alexa Demo

We are having a demo of the Amazon ECHO and Alexa voiceover smart device on THURSDAY 16th NOVEMBER from 10.00 a.m. to mid-day.  Amazon ECHO is a hands-free speaker controlled with your voice.  It features a personal assistant called Alexa who will perform various tasks for you and control various systems.  

If you would like to find out more or try before you buy - call Amanda on 020 8409 7166 to book a place or e-mail her




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Aquabats Sports & Social Club for the Blind

Aquabats is a Club for people with sight loss providing non-competitive sports and leisure activities in different parts of London.

Membership is open to all VI people, their family and friends. The programmes are varied. For more information , telephone 020 8805 6578 or e-mail

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Illuminate Freedom - Relaunch

Illuminate Freedom's much-loved Freedom Nights return to present a night of fun.  Food and drink available to purchase and a chance to dance non-stop to line up of blind and VI DJ's.

When and Where: Friday 27th October at The Stag's Head, 55 Orsman Road, Shoreditch, London N1 5RA.

Meet and greet:    6.00 p.m.   Event: 6.30 p.m.   DJ's 8.00 pm to midnight.  Venue closes:  1.00 a.m.

Cost: £5.00 on he door - advance booking essential by Monday 23rd October.

Contact: 0333 772 0956 or for further information.

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Personal Perspective of a VI Trained Counsellor

My name is Jan, I am a fully qualifed counsellor and I am also VI.  I have RP and was officially diagnosed at 28 years of age.  I had been experiencing problems through my childhood and teens and thought it was "just me".  I couldn't see in the dark, I stumbled over things that other people always managed to avoid, found it difficult at school to play certain sports and seemed to be constantly muttering "sorry" as I walked into people without understanding why.  I was enlightened as to why things had been like this for me after I was referred to Moorfields Eye Hospital and was told rather abruptly that I had RP and would go blind.  Not the best thing to hear but I could have been saved a great deal of stress if those who told me had been more empathic.  I am now registered Severely Sight Impaired, I am not, as foretold blind and do everything I have always done except driving.  My eye sight problems have progressed and along with this I have had and perhaps still may have struggles, sometimes emotional ones, to overcome round my failing eyesight.  These emotional ups and downs have not only affected myself but also touched those who love me whom I feel are often left out of the opportunity to have counselling regarding sight loss as it certainly affects them too.

I trained as a counsellor partly because I was simply interested in psychology and how through talking and expressing our thoughts and feelings we can often help ourselves to see things clearer and in a different context but I also trained to be a counsellor because of my own journey with sight loss which I have drawn upon when counselling all those I have worked with.

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Are You Interested ......?

We often hear of the bad experience people have when being diagnossed with a visual impairment and the impact it has on their lives and families.  At Sutton Vision we are considering establishing a counselling service for VI people, a service which is distinctly lacking locally and nationally.  We need to gauge the response from local VI people as to whether they feel a counselling service would be welcome and used.  Please get in touch with your views, or telephone 020 8409 7166.