Assistive Technology Service


We are currently offering a telephone service to help with setting up accessibility features on your smart device, and remotely to your laptop or PC or MAC.

As restrictions lift we will be setting up 1 to 1 help at the office, and later on to have regular structured workshops dependent on user needs and requests.


Neither your age or eye condition will be a barrier if you have patience and determination, and we have a team of Volunteer Assistive Technology Users to help you every step of the way.


It gives people living with disabilities such as sight loss access to the digital world by touch, magnification and voice on devices such as Smartphones with a large touch screen, Tablets such as iPad and computers, Amazon Echo and Google home smart speakers.

We can help you tailor the accessibility tools in these devices to help us navigate our daily lives.   

E.G. zoom-in magnification, increase text size and contrast, screen readers to read aloud any text, and even use your voice to control your device.


These are applications we can put onto our mobile and smart devices to help us carry out specific tasks, and these are generally FREE! You will need a WI-FI connection and e-mail address to access these.

E.G.  VIDEO calls, join in with social groups such as exercise, listen to your library audio book, Social Media platforms such as Facebook, help getting around and even find your keys!.


Voice Control is becoming the new normal for everyone. We can do all sorts of different things on our smart devices by a simple verbal command.

  • What is the weather?
  • Text Mary
  • Dictate your emails

If you are interested, please contact Vicky Blencowe, our new Assistive Technology Coordinator in the first instance., 07971 9521 94 or call the main office.