Audio Products

To listen to audio books and newspaper articles from a memory stick you can use a computer, or a portable USB player like this one. The player has a large volume control, and is very simple to use. You can skip through the articles on the memory stick, and if you stop the player it will remember its place when you resume. It can be run on batteries or plugged into the mains with the supplied adaptor.

When is no news NOT good news? When sight failure means newspapers and books can no longer be read!

  • Have you a relative or friend who can no longer read the local newspaper because of poor sight?
  • Do they know about Sutton Talking Newspaper? It may be just what they would enjoy.
  • Remember, a person does not have to be registered as blind or partially sighted to be entitled to this service. An inability to read print is enough to qualify.

READ on, to discover how to set about obtaining this service...

So here's good news for those who get no news

  • Sutton Talking Newspaper is a memory stick/CD of news items from your local newspapers. Yes, we now provide memory sticks as well as CDs for those who would prefer them.
  • The weekly recording provides 30 minutes of news, and our own magazine consisting of items of interest to visually impaired people, as well as interviews with local people, and letters sent to the Sutton Guardian.
  • In addition to our news and magazine every week, people who choose to listen on memory stick also receive the following national magazines: Hello, My Weekly, People's Friend, Woman's Own, Woman's Weekly, Sport Weekly, The Week, Amateur Gardening, and Nature. We also provide the following monthly magazines: BBC Good Food, BBC History, and BBC Wildlife.
  • Our recordings can also be accessed on Sonata Internet Radio provided by the British Wireless of the Blind Fund.
  • Our latest edition of both our news and magazine "Clarion" can be downloaded direct from our website
  • There is no charge for the service and, where necessary, memory stick players can be provided on loan.
  • The memory stick or CD goes free (by courtesy of the Post Office) and is prepared and dispatched every Thursday evening to arrive at the listener's home by Friday or, at the latest, Saturday.
  • Memory sticks and CDs arrive in pouches with a reversible label, and are returned to the STN Studio in Carshalton, again post-free.
  • In case of operating difficulties or faults, each listener has a telephone number to contact.

What has to be done for someone to become a listener to the local news?

The Simple 4-Point Procedure:

  1. Telephone the STN Secretary, Jill Nicol on 020 8642 1611 to ask for an application form or download one here.
  2. Ask your own GP or optician if he/she is prepared to sign it. This is really to show that he/she confirms that you cannot read newsprint. It also satisfies STN.
  3. Send the completed form to the address shown below.
  4. Await results.

What Could Be Simpler? Sutton Talking Newspaper 1 Grove Cottage Grove Park High Street Carshalton Surrey SM5 3BB


DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) is a type of digital file that has special features that make it easier to navigate. In the case of audio books, the listener can easily move through chapters and create bookmarks. DAISY formats can be played on DAISY players as well as some CD players that can play MP3 CDs. DAISY players come in both portable and desktop versions and prices start at £220. The books only subscription, which does not include a DAISY player costs £50 a year. DAISY audio players at RNIB's online shop.


Modern sets often rely on visual information in order to tune them. Buttons and knobs may be close together and hard to tell apart. Specially adapted radios and digital radios for people who are partially sighted are custom built to be easy to operate. Features can include:

  • High contrast yellow, raised controls to help those listeners who have some residual vision.
  • Bookmark feature so you can play your CD or SD card from where you left off.
  • An SD or USB slot so you can listen to Sutton Talking Newspaper articles, or a suitable audio book.
  • Recording facilities to enable you to take part in 'voice correspondence' - sending and receiving audio letters from friends and family.

Sutton Vision is an agent for British Wireless Fund for the Blind, a charity that distributes radios to for the partially sighted. For anyone with a visual impairment, who is on a means tested benefit, a British Wireless for the Blind can be provided on a free permanent loan basis and repaired by the Fund when necessary. Visit their website.


There are many different makes and models of closed circuit televisions available but the majority of features are the same. All come with a 19 inch screen or bigger, and all come with the options of full colour, black on white or white on black as standard. Magnification varies from 2x to 70x.

CCTVs can be used to read text like newspapers or recipes, view photographs, write greeting cards or do crosswords. They are also ideal for filling in forms, signing documents, or writing a letter. A wide range of portable hand held electronic magnifiers is also available. Again these have a range of colour and magnification options.

Clocks and Watches


Most of the clocks we display have a one button system allowing you to have the time read out to you in a clear voice. Some tell you the date at a push of the button. All have the option to set alarms and some have a stopwatch facility.

Other clocks are available that have tactile faces or an LED display that will also talk to you. This type of clock is useful for when sighted people in the house are using it too. Keychain clocks are also available for those wanting something portable. Clocks available at RNIB's online shop.


For people with some vision, large-face watches are available that are easy to see, with clear contrasting face and hands. For people with no sight, talking watches are available, in both male and female voices and tactile watches are available for Braille users.

All watches come with either a metallic bracelet strap or a traditional leather-style clasp strap. Watches available at RNIB's online shop.

Kitchen Equipment

Liquid Level Indicators

These are handy devices that sit in your cup and either sound an alarm and/or vibrate to tell you when your cup is getting full. This prevents you over-filling your cup and scalding yourself. They can be used with any size cup, mug or glass. They also have an intermittent beep which advises you when to add milk to your tea or coffee!

Talking Scales

Talking kitchen equipment allows you to cook independently and safely.

Talking scales are useful items. Talking microwaves are available, but they can be expensive at around £250. When each button is pressed a clear voice will tell you which button you have pushed. Microwaves can be programmed to cook either by time or by food weight. A cheaper quicker option is to mark buttons with tactile markers ('bump-ons'), so that the most frequently used buttons stand out more.

We also stock a range of useful cooking products including talking jugs and scales, non-slip mats and holders, tin openers and talking tins, and a range of useful kitchen utensils.


DORO mobile phone

Mobile phones are now becoming much more accessible for the partially sighted. All come with colour contrasting buttons and a larger than usual screen. Many mobiles have the ability for you to pre set your most frequently called numbers, so eliminating the need for dialling.

Mobile phones and landlines available at RNIB's online shop.

Task Lighting

Everybody needs good lighting to read, write or carry out a task. For anyone who is partially sighted, good lighting is essential to enable them to make best use of their remaining vision. The light should be placed in front of you so it reflects down on the task in hand.

The Daylight PL desk lamp

This is an angle-poise lamp with a 'daylight' fluorescent head. The adjustable angled stem of the lamp gives precision flexibility to enable movement to the best position and the fluorescent head swivels to help angle the light. The lamp gives a good spread of light and although it doesn't stay cold, it doesn't get as hot as a conventional or halogen lamp so is more comfortable to use.

Daylight rechargeable portable light

Sturdy, with a modern silver-coloured satin finish this light will work for up to 3.5 hours from just one charge. Perfect for portability with a black rounded carry handle built in. This light has a two year guarantee.
Lights and lamps available at RNIB's online shop.


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